One of the fundamental things patients need to do, in order to get the changes they want, is work together.

nobism is noting more than a smart tool to collect data. Use it with a group and you could find out interesting information.

The data could show trends in treatments effectiveness by looking at the treatments patients do combined with symptom registrations. Patterns of symptoms could show our differences and maybe why one patient responds different to a treatment than an other.

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nobism NOW

nobism is now only a Smart Patient Diary that you can use to collect data. To work together you have the internet at your disposal. You could setup a facebook group or forum, to support your group. Data could be collected using a central eMail address to receive it and a secured cloud or dropbox account to store this data.

nobism FUTURE

nobism will be a Smart Patient Diary connected to a platform to work together with roles for Patient Leaders and Advocates. With tasks that need to be done and results that are being shared. But the data owner will always be the user and they decide to share or not.

Data Analysis

You can analyze your own data, find an external party interested or nobism can support your group by helping you analyze it.

How to setup your own Patientgroup

1 month cycles

To keep people involved and active we need to have short cycles. Current research now takes to long to start or to receive any results from it. Patients need speed. Depending on the disorder patients have, the advice is to keep cycles short.

At nobism we use 1 month cycles to do research and get trends. After a first cycle, a second, third and more can be done until targets are completed.

3 repeating steps

Start: Patients, group, specialists or research need to take initiative, every change starts with it. nobism only provides the platform to collect the data.

Step 1: Start with a small group, maintaining the diary together. All members can download the smart Patient diary for free to use it.

Step 2: Collect the data of the group and use it for a first analysis to see the symptoms and individual treatments every member does.

Step 3: Results from the first data can be used by groups to promote their initiative, inviting new members.
This will increase the amount of members the group has and the amount of data collected in the next round.

Groups supported by nobism

If you want to be listed in the Smart Patient Diary and on the nobism website, you can send us an email with information about your group and we will add it.

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