What effect have treatments; Psilocybine and Cluster Headaches

In this image you see the use of psilocybine use (Magic Mushrooms) of one of our members. Before the start of this treatment, many attacks occurred. 

During the use of the psilocybine these Cluster Headache attacks seem to go down and after finishing almost no attacks seem to occur.

This effect can be a coincidence. Maybe this member just started to feel better at the same time of the treatment. More Cluster-heads collecting data, could show us better insight of the effectiveness of this intervention.

Funny thing about psilocybine is that people use it in different ways. Some use it as occasional treatment, every 5 days like described on the Clusterbusters.org website. Others use Micro-dosing and I even heard people using psilocybine as abortive treatment.

It just shows how important it is to collect data to understand how you use them to kill your beast