What effect have treatments; Prednison & Cluster headaches?

Once you start a new treatment, you want to see some change. It could be that the frequency of your Cluster attacks goes down, that would be great. But less intense attacks or with a shorter duration could also help many already, to start and feel a bit better.

Once we see this change in one patient, we can check if we see the same change in others. With enough patients collecting data about a treatment, we can start to say something about the effectiveness.

In this image you see a member of our group using a prednison prescription 2 times. One at the beginning of 2018 and one in 2019. You see a clear effect of attacks going down spectacular, but before finishing the prescription, they seem to come back.

In this examples, it gave a 2 week relief, break from this horrible attack pattern. But it didn’t seem to provide any relief for longer time of period.

I’m very interested to see how others, using prednison, respond and to see what it does to their cluster headache attacks pattern.