A Smart Patient diary is one that is unique for any patient that uses it and one that gives the option to keep track off all they find important.


Data about symptoms and treatments, give patients unique insight in their disease progression through time.

nobism turned all these symptoms and treatments into buttons and stored them in a library. From the library patients can load the buttons they need and use them in the App. Pressing one makes a registration of that moment in time.

Because we know patients do more than only taking medicines, the Smart Patient Diary is setup to keep track of any Symptoms, Medicine use, Vitamins & minerals, Activity, Therapy, Alternative Treatments and more.


If you need a new button, you can request it and we will add it to the library.

Download the smart Patient diary APP for free


One Patient Diary that can be used by all patients

In the Library you can find buttons about symptoms, medicines, or other treatments you do and want to remember.

This way you can setup your app unique for yourself.

Once your app is setup, you only need to press the buttons. You can keep track of anything you find important.

If you need a new button, you can request it and we will add it to the library.

The timeline in the app displays the data visual. A complete month with insight on what happend when.

This can give you and your doctor better insight for future treatment-plans

The data is ONLY stored on your phone. That means you have the responsebility and 100% ownership. You can export the data by mail for backup or work together with fellow patients to search for best treatments.

Categories available in the Smart Patient Diary



Vitamins & Minerals



Food & Drinks

Alternative Medicines



Requesting new buttons or diagnoses

All buttons listed in the app are requested by fellow patients. We hope to complete these lists with your help.

If you need an other button because you are missing a symptom or treatment. Request them here or through the app. We’ll add them as soon as possible.

If you have other ideas that you would need, please feel free to ask. 


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