Presenting nobism at world level

Very excited to announce I’m invited to present our community and project at WHAM, in Dublin hosted withing the bigger congress. I’m invited as Spanish Cluster headache Representative connected to AEMICE, Associación Española de Migrainia y Cefalea.

A lot of headache associations are invited here to discuss the future of headaches and present the projects we are all working on separately.

My presentation about “why we should motivate patients to keep a diary and collect data” will be supported by work we have done with nobism, OpenHumans and Ubiqum

Key point will be:

  • We all want the best for our patients we represent
  • Nobody really knows what best
  • We need big data
  • Patients are the only ones capable of collecting big data
  • plots and graphics to show what real time data can mean to our community, based on data collected with nobism, stored on Openhumans and analyzed by Ubiqum.

I will see if I get the option to record the presentation and add it to our YouTube channel for you to see.

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