Personal reports

As a starting point for our personal research we are creating personal reports so you get the maximum insight in your data and the option to better explain to others how you’ve been doing.

The personal reports will give insight in your personal disease development, treatments use and insights in the amount of attacks compared to treatment combinations

Ubiqum code academy is going to help us create these personal reports.

The base

The base of the personal report is a timeline. A timeline shows all attacks you had in a certain time frame. It also shows if you have more attacks at night or during the day and it gives insight in the intensity of the attacks.

3 factors about our Cluster headaches

There are 3 factors that show us if we are feeling better or worse. These are the frequency, duration and the intensity of attacks. Its interesting to see what changes when you use new treatments. Less attacks, but same intensity, Shorter attacks but more?


When you see changes in your attacks, it is interesting to see directly what treatments or combinations you were using at that moment.

The other way around I also hope we can show what treatment combinations you have been using and insight in duration, frequency or intensity of your attacks.

Other information

We have already collected a lot of other information, like blood-pressures, times to go to bed. Data if someone was sleeping or awake when the attack started. We all collect our own unique data. We hope we can get it all visualized to give you the insight you need.

Big data analysis

We will also generate general information using all the data and show this in your personal report.
This will also be the start of our personal, patient driven research.