Work in progress:

We are trying to get the app connected to Open Humans. Open Humans is a non-profit data storage, that can be used in various ways.

  1. Open Humans can be used as data-storage for the nobism app.
    We are in close contact with Open Humans to create a connection between the app and their data storage. Using this function is up to every user. There will be full control of sharing settings and option to delete the data from Open Humans.
  2. Open Humans can be used by research-teams to create projects were we can share our data. Hopefully we will be able to support more teams with our data.
    Nobism will also create a project to be able to make the personal reports and use the fact we have data to get more research up and going.
  3. Open Humans also connects to other data sources like Fitbit or Genetic research. So if we think it would be interesting to collect data about our activity with a Fitbit tracker, we can do this. If we think genetic insight could be interesting, we could all do a test and share these data on Open Humans to be included in the research.