16.000 datapoints collected

Every time a member of our group presses a button in the diary, a new datapoint is generated about the button that is pressed.

We are collecting data already from July 2018 and we have collected already over 16.000 data-points about our attacks or our treatments.

We are now finishing the reports of January 2019 to send them to all the members that actually shared the data.

If you want to join our project, please download the nobism app for Android or iPhone and join our Mailing list so we can keep you updated about sharing data and other developments

New website for Cluster Headache research

Happy to announce we have setup a new website to explain what nobism is all about and what we do as Cluster Headache group to improve our future.

Cluster headache is a devastating headache syndrome. Its listed as one of the most sincere pains a humans being can have and is often referred to as Suicide headaches.

The main objectives of nobism are to collect the data needed to start our own research. We use the fact we have data to advocate.

The website gives now some basic insight in what we do, how you can collect & share data, how we use it to create personal reports and advocating to create more research opportunities.

We will use this channel to keep you updated about the progress we are making.

Projects we are working on now:

  1. We are connecting the app to Open Humans to create a secure data backup and to give specialists the option to create projects and request our data.
  2. We are talking to umbiqum, a code academy located in Spain, Netherland and Germany. They are interested in supporting us to visualize our data and help us understand it.
  3. Currently talks are going to get specialists connected to Open Humans. Paolo Rossi of the EMHA is already in our group, but we are also talking to others.
  4. On a monthly base edit all received data and create personal reports with it. The personal report is a visualization of the data you collected. Goal is to give better insight on the frequence, duration and intensity of attacks.