How do we change through time?

Our change is a valuable marker to understand if treatments are working or not. I mean, once you start a new treatment, you want to have less attacks afterwards than before!

The timeline shows already some change through time but we hope to add more examples to better understand our individual changes. Change is not only how frequent our cluster headache attacks occur, its also how Intens they are of the duration of them. So we should be able to see on all 3 levels (Frequency, duration and Intensity) if something changes for the good or bad.

Here you see 2 examples of a timeline based on frequency of attack combined with their intensity. So every bar is a month with the intensities of the cluster headache attacks.

The image below shows how these charts are created. We took a normal month chart of Intensity and frequency of attacks and stacked them together in one bar. So the height says something about the frequency, while the colors inside show the division of intensity.