Grant accepted by OpenHumans

OpenHumans accepted my grant application to connect the application to their data storage platform. This way I hope to give every individual using the app the option to store and backup of the data. Its can also be used to share our data for research.

I’m personally very happy about this development and I see a lot of options that we gain by using the OpenHumans platform. We collect our own data about our attacks and treatments. But if you have an Fitbit smartwatch, you can also add the data to your profile and store it on OpenHumans.

Another nice option OpenHumans has is the connection with an app you can use to collect data about your location. The app is, like the nobism app, not connected to any server. Data you can store on OpenHumans.
What we as Cluster Headache patients can do with this is try to find out what influence the weather has on our attacks.

Data about attacks + Weather info of the location of attacks could give us insights about that.

OpenHumans has more options we can use to support our own research without for us the need to develop it on our own.

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