a small donation can make a big difference

To be able to improve the setup we have now and to get better outcome of the data we collect as community, funding is needed.

Most what I’ve build in the last years is done with my personal time and dedication. But to maintain or lift our community research to a next level, funding is needed. Funding is also needed to be able to get better outcomes by having more specialists helping answering questions.

I hope you can make a small donation, send the goFundMe to your contacts or share it on social media.


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Help us support our community of Cluster Headache patients to find answers to our questions. Every donation is 100% used to improve and maintain the nobism project.

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Docu: Cluster Headaches - Data to become pain free

A documentary with members from our Cluster Headache Community and some from the nobism project, about the value of patients collecting data and what it can do for a community

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