We collect data with the diary called nobism. It’s available for Android and iPhone. Data is only stored on your device. The app is a complete stand alone application that does not send any data to any server.

This means your data is 100% yours.

Making a Backup

at this moment: If you have data in your diary you can export this by email. On the history tab of the app you can email the data. By sending it to your own email address you receive the registered data in your email box. This data cannot be uploaded into the diary at this moment.

Store data: We are working on a connection with the Open Humans platform. A non-profit data storage. This way you can backup and restore your data. More info about Open Humans can be found here.

Sharing data

You are 100% owner of your data and only you decide what research projects you like to support.

The nobism diary doesn’t receive any data collected by the user of the diary.

By using Open Humans, you can share your data with research-projects that you find good enough to share your data with.

Research Projects

We will stimulate research to create projects on Open Humans so we can share our data.

We also try to find partners to help us do our own, as group. A research with questions we have and hopefully answers to find.

We have a first project starting now in corroboration with Ubiqum. A Code Academy located in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany. They will be helping us by creating our personal monthly reports.