3 First Cluster headache reports for Advocating

July 2019 we have created the first Cluster headache report in corporation with OpenHumans as datastorage platform and Ubiqum Code Academy and their students, working on the data analysis.

The first student to work on our project is Valerian, a French student at Ubiqum Barcelone and CH patient himself.

We had to do a lot of preperation before we could start with the report. Valerian did an incredible Job in connecting to OpenHumans, getting the shared data, creating these reports in PDF and sending them back to the individuals that shared data for our community research on Cluster headaches.

Download the 3 first 3 reports shared back for Advocating. These reports can be used by Cluster headache Advocates to show what we do as Cluster headache research. As Patient you can use it to understand a bit more about cluster headaches and see how others are doing. If you get your own report, you can compare yourself.


How is the report Setup?

The report starts with a introduction page

Page 2/5 Timeline with attacks and 3 graphics extra about average Frequency, duration and intensity of attacks. We hope this page will give a good complete picture of your attacks.

Page 3/5 Plots about average durations, intensity and frequency of attacks. In the first column its only the data of last month and the second column has the data of all time

Page 4/5 timeline of Attacks combined with the taken treatments. With this page we hope to show you in an easy way when you used what treatment. We hope on individual level this will give you insight in the effectiveness of your treatments.

Page 5/5 Overview of collected data. This page plotted wrong, so we can forget about the information listed there. It does show what is possible.

For next month

Next month we hope to publish a new and better report. This one is a warming up, next one will get better.

the next reports will also have group analysis added to it. First simple like a count of items that we collected together.

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