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it’s so very interesting to me, finding out how some are obtaining a pain-free status while others are not.

Question: What is the best solution to kill this beast!?

Our data can help us find answers to our questions

The answers to our questions, can be provided by us as Cluster Headache community.
With every new treatment we try, we can improve our knowledge.

There are many questions; How effective are our treatments, how many attacks is normal, when do we have attacks and how am I different compared to others. These questions we can answer with our own data and time. We can learn to understand why some of us manage to become Pain Free and others don’t.

These are question we could answer together to become pain free.

2 ways to support nobism

Collect data and donate

Collect data: If you want to remind, are interested in understanding better who you are as individual and how you are compared to other Cluster Headache patients, then start to collect data today and become part of our active Cluster headache community. read more >>

Donate: Not everybody in our Cluster Headache community has the energy to collect data. I’ve also spoken to enough Cluster Headache patients to know that there are many that try to forget their attacks as soon as possible to stay alive. So if you can’t collect data, please make a small donation to support those that do or share our message to friends and family.

Docu: Cluster Headaches - Data to become pain free

A documentary with members from our Cluster Headache Community and some from the nobism project, about the value of patients collecting data and what it can do for a community

Sharing data


CH attacks


Our Latest Work

Here some examples of our work will be shown. The importance is to understand who we are as individual and how we are compared to the rest. We like to understand how our Cluster headache attacks change throught time and what effect our treatments have on these.

Also a Clusterhead
Ask Anything

PLease feel free to ask anything that you want to know about your Cluster headaches or about this project. nobism is setup to help, from our own patient perspective 


This is our facebookpage where I try to keep everybody updated about all that is happening


The Cluster headache group for those that are interested in patient driven Cluster headache research


Our twitter feed of the nobism project