nobism helps Patients, Leaders and Advocates to support their search for the best treatments available.

For Patients: We’ve setup a Smart Patient Diary that can be used by any patient to get better individual understanding of disease progression. read more…

Work together: At the other side, we hope to stimulate you to work together and find best treatments, based on the data you collect. read more…

Support: nobism can support your group or you only use the app anonymously.

Data: is ONLY stored on the users phone, 100% ownership

How nobism works

we hope to stimulate you to work together and find best treatments possible, based on the data you collect. If interesting trends are seen, you could use it to speedup or change direction of research. You already have the DATA.

For Patients:

For better individual insight in your own disease Progression, you can download and use the Smart Patient Diary. No worries about privacy because the data is ONLY stored on your phone. Keep track of any Symptom, Medication, Vitamin, Therapy, Trigger, Alternative treatments or anything else. All data is ONLY available on your phone and is 100% your property.

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Working together:

Data of every patient is ONLY stored on Patients phones. But they can export it. Setup a group, communicate it through nobism or your own social media and start to work together. You can do this with or without any help of nobism. Every patient individual can send data to support the group. nobism can support your group by analyzing the collected data.

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DATA is the key to change Healthcare. If your group finds interesting trends about symptoms changes or treatments, you could use this to stimulate research or bring change.


You already have the DATA to support it.





Working together

One of the fundamental things patients need to do, in order to get the changes they want, is working together.

nobism is noting more than a smart tool to collect data. Use it with a group and you could find interesting information.

The data could show trends in treatments effectiveness, by looking at the treatments patients do compared with thier individual symptoms. Patterns of symptoms could show our differences and maybe why one patient responds different to a treatment than an other.

If the group get big enough, more data, patterns, combinations and changes in treatments get recorded, building up the knowledge of the group.


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Patients already experiment

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